Ice Cream Machines

Soft ice cream machines take only a small amount of counter/floor space and yet generate some of the highest profit in the UK’s food service industry: up to 85%! You can take advantage of this lucrative market with our numerous low cost options to rent or buy our ice cream machines from as little as £40 per week.

Our industrial ice cream machines can turn £12 worth of liquid mix into £100 of delicious, soft whipped ice-cream, automatically.

You only need to sell 5 ice creams each day to pay for the machine, and because soft ice cream is produced at a much higher temperature than industrial “scoop” product, it has a much creamier taste and can be sold on colder days in the UK as well, extending your selling season and providing you with more profit.

We also offer a comprehensive after-sales service to our existing and new customers so you can rest assured that our team will be on hand to assist you with any issues with your machine.

Take a look at our selection of industrial machines below and order yours online today! Alternatively, if you wish to discuss your requirements further, call us on 01484 666484 and we can advise on the best ice cream machine for your business.

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