Orange Presser Machine 600

£2,394.00 (inc VAT)

  • Self Service facility
  • Large feeder capacity
  • Moveable podium with wheel brakes
  • Highest Quality Commercial Components
  • Exceptionally fast, coping with the biggest demands
  • Ideal for busy cafeterias, supermarkets and anywhere with high foot traffic


The machines will not work without the cover in place Easy to Operate and Clean Suitable for small drink shops, fruit shop, restaurants, hotels, bars, the Office of cards, tea – and coffee-houses, a very wide range of applications. Also applies to the success of the family.

The Juicer machine

1. Place the machine on the stable table, connect power plug to a grounded connector plug.
2. Safety check before you turn on the machine:

  • If the nut (4 units) screw down properly.
  • If place the knife rest correctly (press it on the bottom).
  • Place the cover on, screw down two side nut (2 units).

3. It can be used after turn on the power.
4. Put antisepsis and washed fresh oranges (40-80mm) in, the machine will peel the skin, producing fresh juices, filtrate automatically.

We are the original contact with the juice of stainless steel and high-grade plastic wear PC. Food is absolutely safe. No antiseptic, coloring matter, essence & water in fresh juice. Great Juice Yield High Quality Stainless Steel Case Safety cut off switched. Squeeze 20-22 oranges per mins 4-7 glasses per mins


GTIN 5060474270243