Vacuum Sealer

£94.80 (inc VAT)

Household Vacuum Packing Machine, Vacuum Sealer

ET-2500 vacuum sealer creates maximum air extraction, good for keeping food fresh, food storage and saving food. The product after packing can be prevented from tainting by odor, off-odor or dehydration andbe kept fresh for longer time at normal temperature.


ET-2500 vacuum sealer feature:

  • Especially suitable for freshness, keeping and storage of food
  • Strong suction power, vacuum bottles/canisters with pipe
  • Micro electronic switch for main control, stable sealing time (6-10s) according to various thickness of poly bag
  • Red & green LED light for power and functions indication
  • Fashionable design and streamlined appearance


Power Supply 150
Voltage 220V/110V
Dimensions 430 × 250 × 125 mm