Arctic 138 Ice Cream Machine With Pump Floor-Standing

£4,800.00 (inc VAT)

Offer all popular soft serve from low or non-fat ice creams

To custard, frozen yogurt, and sorbet.

Offers two separate flavors and an equal combination of both in a twist.

Electric current control for optimal texture and taste.


  • Microprocessor Regulation
    Regulates the entire refrigeration process and maintains consistent product viscosity, adjustable through modifying viscosity between level 1 and level 8 on the front panel.
  • Safety Protection
    Shuts down for self protection when motor overload or compressor overheat occurs due to power surge or abnormal voltage from power supply.

  • Mix low alarm
    The low liquid alarm will sound when the hopper is lack of ice cream mix.

  • Dispensing Counter
    The number of ice creams dispensed is displayed on the front panel each time the discharge handle is pressed.

  • Standby Mode
    The machine automatically enters standby mode after two hours of inactivity and will resumes normal operation after any keys or handles are pressed.
  • Training for machine usage
  • Free installation on equipment
  • Customer phone line support
  • Quality technical support
  • Warranty on all equipment
  • Long term maintenance support
  • Starters package with every machine


Flavor 2 x 1 mix
Product Capacity 38 L/H
Hopper 2 x 12Litre
Power Supply 2500
Dimensions High 1320 mm Depth 735 mm width 555