Arctic Ne1415 Ice Cream Machine Pump Machine

£6,480.00 (inc VAT)

Tecumseh Compressor will increase ice cream hardness and ensure the service life of the machine

Italian pump 30% to 60% Over run


New for 2020 Arctic 1415 Ice cream machine Bottom Up Tech Pump feed machine 40 litre per hour France Tecumseh Compressor

The Independent pre-cooling Chamber beneath will keep your mixture chilled and fresh Automatic mixing agitation will ensure your products consistency before freezing

Stainless steel handles

Strong stainless handles with rebound pistons makes speed automatic

Italian Gear Pump

The Austustable italian gear pump will produce a stable 30% to 60% ice cream overrun


Flavor 2 + 1 Mix
Product Capacity 40L/H
Power Supply 2800
Cylinder 2LX 2
GTIN 5060474270168
Dimensions 566-890-970 mm