Arctic 132BA Mr Whippy Ice Cream Machine

£4,560.00 (inc VAT)

This countertop gravity fed machine for the production of soft serve ice cream. Offering a combination of high production capacity and user-friendly operation, it is designed for rapid dispensing of swirled and spaghetti ice

  • Training for machine usage
  • Free installation on equipment
  • Customer phone line support
  • Quality technical support
  • Warranty on all equipment
  • Long term maintenance support
  • Starters package with every machine


  • Two x One Mix Flavor Table Top Model with Full 304 stainless steel
  • Voltage display , electric current display , alarm system, Counter display, high /low voltage display , freezing cylinder protection
  • Compressor is Aspera /ACC • Expansion value is Danfoss Denmark
  • Protection of over-current and low-voltage
  • Low mix level alert by light, Digital display, simple control
  • Patent evaporator and beater design
  • With Pre-cooling System

Product Guide

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Flavor 2 x 1 mix
Product Capacity 32 L/H
Hopper 12 L
Power Supply 2200
Voltage 220-240-50Hz
Cylinder 2 litre x 2
GTIN 5060474270076
Dimensions 750 x 530 x 950