Arctic Mini 30 Litre Ice Cream Machine

£3,960.00 (inc VAT)

All New Semi-automatic ice Cream Machine

30 Litre Per hour

Nice and compact

Stainless steel body

12 warranty on all equipment


Hopper cooling feature is able to keep temperature of the mix at or below41F(5C), powered by a separate compressor.

Mix Low Alarm: The mix low, alert users to add mix to the hoppers.

Regulation: Regulates the entire refrigeration process and maintains consistent product viscosity, adjustable through modifying viscosity between level 1 and level 8 on the front panel.

Noise Operation: The revolutionary  gear reducer ,together with motor, greatly reduces operating noise.

Standby Mode: The machine automatically enters standby mode after two hours of inactivity and will resumes normal operation after any keys or handles are pressed.This feature greatly saves spending during extended idleness.

Safety Protection: Shuts down for self protection when motor overload or compressor overheat occurs due to power surge or abnormal voltage from power supply

  • Training for machine usage
  • Free installation on equipment
  • Customer phone line support
  • Quality technical support
  • Warranty on all equipment
  • Long term maintenance support
  • Starters package with every machine


Product Capacity 30 Litre/Hour
Hopper 12 L
Power Supply 1900
Cylinder 2L
Dimensions 600mm D x 725mm H 410mm W